SAFDY Solid State Airflow Sensor

The proven way to accurately measure airflow in mines, independent of small particles

The SAFDY solid-state airflow sensor was originally designed for the South African diamond and coal mining industries for monitoring airflow underground to determine whether the ventilation system - so crucial for human life - is functioning. Available in fixed-mount and hand-held models, the system has a remote sensing head for continuously monitoring airflow and is designed to be interfaced to a remote telemetry system. The output of the SAFDY airflow sensor can easily be displayed as trend graphics on a SCADA software program.

Besides having proved itself in the harshest of South African mining conditions, the SAFDY airflow sensor has also been tested against propeller and resistance types of sensors by the country's foremost scientific institution. The SAFDY airflow meter was found to be "the most suitable for underground application from a durability and applicability point of view."

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