• Remote sensing head for continuously monitoring airflow Designed to be interfaced to a remote Telemetry System The output of the Airflow sensor can be displayed as trend graphics on a Scada software program.
  • Originally designed for the South African mining industry, specifically to monitor underground in the gold, coal or diamond mine, but can also be used for industrial applications.
The Safdy solution...

Test certificates and approvals
  • CSIR report on suitability
  • Intrinsically safe for use in coalmines
Independant evaluation of the Safdy flowmeter
  • Of the units delivered for evaluation, the Safdy flow meter appears to be the most suitable for underground application from a durability and applicability point of view. All the units tested have adequate signal damping to alow for a stable signal output. None of the units tested have in situ calibration facilities. Of the units tested the Safdy unit had the most accurate output (approximately 89%) The xxx unit had an accuracy of 79% and the yyy unit had significant over reading. As can be expected from the operating principles of the units tested no drift was recorded for the units. Water mist and excessive dust loads did not influence the accuracy of the Safdy or xxx unts i.e. vortex shedding instruments. For the yyy, calorific instrument, the addition of water mist caused the unit to over read significantly. It appears that dust has no effect on the output of this unit. Both the Safdy and xxx units have acceptable response times, i.e. rise times of approximately 10 seconds and decay times of approximately 25 seconds. The yyy on the other hand has a rise time of up to 390 seconds with an associated decay time of 20 seconds. The zero reading of the xxx unit was accurate, with the Safdy unit showing a little offset (2%) at the zero reading for the first test.
  • Both the Safdy and xxx units have exactly the same measuring head and vortex shedding beam design.

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